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The world is full of balance, beauty and humor. What inspires me most are often the small details; the elegant structure of a single blossom, the contrasts between grayed and weathered wood and red roof of rusted metal, the intricate patterns of a bird's feathers or a butterfly's wing, the up-close delicacy of a "weed," the voluptuous curves of an antique auto, the sinuousness of a neighbor's cat, the exquisitely crafted architectural details of century-old tombs. I am at my most peaceful when I am surrounded by nature and without a schedule and that is reflected in my work. Many of my images focus on the creatures and plants I encounter, but my attention is also drawn to the unexpected; strange groupings of man-made objects, intriguing signs or carvings (often ones that are meant to be entertaining but that can appear ominous or terrifying), and even beauty created by a decaying building. My depiction of these objects ranges from representational to abstract and I sometimes use digital tools to create otherworldly images.

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